We hope it never happens to you, but if it does, we at Kelly & Sons Auto know how to handle the situation professionally. We will help you deal with this traumatic experience!

Below is a list of things to do if you are in an automobile collision:

1. Stay Calm.
2. Make sure you are ok, and if any other person in the accident is ok
3. Phone the police or authorities immediately if
  - serious injuries or death have occured
  - vehicles involved require towing
  - a criminal act is involved i.e. stolen vehicle, impaired driving, assault

collisions involving government vehicle (including snow removal equipment, buses & municipal vehicles)


collisions involving a taxi cab


collisions involving transporting dangerous goods, a person who is uninsured or is a suspended driver, or damage to public or private property 

4. If drivable, drive your car to the side of the road out of the way of traffic.
5. Exchange necessary information with drivers at the scene of the accident.
6. Write all accident scene information and witnesses information.
7. Call local police, your insurance company and Kelly & Sons Auto's collision centre.
8. If road-worthy, drive to Kelly & Sons Auto's collision centre.  If not. call please call Kelly & Sons Auto for towing & official repair estimate (insurance will reimburse or pay for towing of vehicle).

We will help you with the rest.

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